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Welcome to, the first newsletter of its kind focusing purely on International Domain Names.

For years IDN's have been bought and sold mainly behind closed doors and understood properly by very few. Barriers to entry have been high, and those behind those closed doors have capitalized on the secretive nature of IDN's. But we are about to change all this. If you have an interest in getting in on what is likely to be the last genuine next big thing since the dawn of the Internet...then read on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are IDN's?

Simply put, domain names that are written not in English alphabet letters, but in other languages.

IDN's have been available for registration for nearly 10 years, so it will be no surprise to you to hear that the best ones in the most common extensions (.com, .net and country codes) have long gone.

Where is the value?

To an end-user, they provide memorability and recall that you just can't achieve with an English domain name, especially if English is not the prominent language in that country.

To an investor, they provide an opportunity not seen since the 1990's to acquire domain names still relatively cheap and realize returns often measured in the 1000%+

Why now?

Until recently very little has been known by even fewer people that IDN's even exist, this = opportunity. But this is changing quickly, the last 12 months have seen compatible browsers reach saturation point, public sales of 4, 5 and even 6 figure $ sums, and ICANN and local governments on the verge of huge publicity campaigns.

There are also many common myths about IDN's. For the record, native users do type-in, they do receive traffic, they do convert, and they are easy to monetize.

IDN Newsletter?

We know all about IDN's, and we are uniquely positioned to be able to offer our network of members IDN's for sale.

For buyers: we don't just list domain names. Each of our IDN's is listed with common metrics but most importantly has been certified by a native speaker. We aim to make buying an IDN easy, even if you know very little about them. Sign up on the right for regular exclusive hand picked IDN's for sale.

For sellers: we don't just list domain names. We market to English and non-English speaking members to ensure you the best and most appropriate exposure.

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